Ethics and Philosophy

This site will draw from the ancient Greeks, the Eastern mystics, and contemporary ideas and apply this wisdom to current issues in our society. Issues and topics will be explored within a biblical framework as well.

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Art and Music

No well rounded thinker can completely ignore the importance of the arts in shaping our culture and times. Each of us has a part of us that longs for the aesthetic. On a certain level, we are all artists. Making the connection between Creator and creature will be a common theme. Various artists as well as their art will be featured on this site.

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Biblical Studies

Without being Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, or independent, questionreality will feature many blog posts and articles example current issues, controversial topics, and fascinating themes from a biblical perspective.

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What is meant by "biblical?"

When the term "biblical" is referenced on this site, it carries with it a few rules. First of all, the original language and intent of Scripture is very important. Secondly, taking account of the original context of the recipients and culture is essential to a proper understanding of the text. Thirdly, an attempt at objectivity is vital toward the proper applications of the ancient text to our lives and society today.

qtq80-83jCeZIn fact, it is this great respect for the original meaning, the original context, and objectivity that led me to the decision that I, the chief editor of questionreality, will maintain a certain level of anonymity while posting articles and other content. I have published and sold many copies of books that cover many of the topics that will be on this site. I have friends that would pressure me to come to certain conclusions out of being respectful of the status quo or in order to fall in line with a certain political position.

I have no interest in catering to external pressure in addressing these issues. I want to speak the truth in love. When I do not know the truth, I want to be honest about my own limitations and welcome tasteful insight from others.  I do not claim to be flawless or perfect in my objectivity. I only state that it is one of my greatest goals in approaching the sacred text. I have prayed for discernment for many years. Yet, I am the first to acknowledge my shortcomings. However, I have learned a few things on this journey and hope to inspire and encourage others on a similar quest.